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Resources for cracking data strctures and algorithms interview

Hello Everyone,

In my previous blog post, I discussed how to crack coding interviews. In this post, I’ll share the resources required for it.


Most frequently asked questions

Resources - A one stop place for all computer science geeks. - Algorithms with good explanation and visualization. - DS and Algorithms in python. - Common leetcode patterns.

Books - Find all the books related to algorithms

CLRS solutions if you like introduction to algorithms coremen book


Intro to Data Structures and Algorithms | Udacity Free Courses

Youtube Channels

Aditya Verma - Refer for Dynamic Programming

Kartik Arora - Refer for Dynamic Programming

Tech Dose - Leetcode Solutions

Tushar Roy


William Fiset - Refer for Graph Theory


Big-O analysis

Published Dec 13, 2021

Lokesh Sanapalli is a software engineer who loves to solve real world problems using software engineering principles.