About me


My name is lokesh. I am from india, born in a village near tuni, andhra pradesh. I graduated from RGUKT IIIT nuzvid. I was introduced to programming as an academic subject in my college in 2009. I started with python, then C and then Java. When I took computer science as my majors I was so excited to learn about it. I loved data structures and algorithms since it was introduced in the college. After college, I fell in love with software engineering since 2015. I love building products from scratch and scaling them to millions of users. I love problem solving so much such that it became my way of living life. Be it a software engineering problem, DSA problem or anything related to life, I started looking it as a problem and solving it optimally. This kind of mindset helped me in my life in many ways. You can learn more about my professional journey at my linkedin profile. Apart from work, I also contribute to open source and do some side projects that makes peoples life easier.