My learnings from coding interviews (2021)

As a software engineer, you explore different career opportunities, wants to work with great teams. In order to land at a job, you need to crack the interviews. In this post, I go in depth of coding interviews and explain how to crack them.


Scaling Celery to handle workflows and multiple queues

Celery is an asynchronous task queue to execute tasks concurrently. As the project grows, scaling celery is a tedious task. In this post, I discuss about how to design workflows with celery and how to scale it.


My experience of cracking coding interviews (2018)

Landing at a dream job in a product based company requires to crack coding interviews. One may not succeed in one interview, rejections may happen. But, key thing is to learn from the failure and keep moving on. In this post, I am gonna blog about my experience of failed coding interviews.